Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Knitting Lessons

Things I have learned from my knitting:
  1. I am more patient than I thought I was
  2. I have a shorter attention span than I thought I did
  3. I like knitting hats and mittens for myself because my hands and feet are my favorite body parts
  4. Although I would love a sweater hand knit by me, I will not be able to do it until I can learn to like the rest of my body more
  5. I like knitting hats for my kids because in some way, in my mind it keeps them small
  6. My most recent endeavor is teaching me...that I am a painfully slow knitter

So obviously, knitting a sweater in a month didn't pan out(as expected, honestly). That being said, as much as I would love to finish this sweater by Christmas, I'm not sure it's going to happen. I am making slow progress and when I think: "if I can just get this many rows/inches in per day, I can totally finish this thing in time", that's when I remember that I have to seam it together and then knit the finishing borders around the arms and neck. I think that its a battle of optimism vs. realism. I am really hoping that my more optimistic side is the winner!!

I will say though that I am surprised by the KnitPicks Stroll I am using to knit up this sweater. I am knitting across twenty-two(?) inches and have about nine inches in length and I still have a bit more to go before I will have finished my first skein. Maybe this is normal but I have never knit any garment adult or otherwise in fingering weight yarn so to me this is impressive. At this rate I will have a LOT left over and I'm thinking that maybe the hubs will get a matching pair of socks by Valentines Day. Honestly, I think I would like a pair of socks out of this yarn...we'll see!

As the year comes to an end and I come closer to finishing this large project, I find myself thinking about goals to set for the new year. I have become a huge bullet journaling fan and practitioner this year. If you haven't heard of it, just Google it, search it on Pinterest or YouTube. It's fun and relaxing and its the only journal I have ever been able to stick with. I am thinking of either creating a spread for the new year to track my knitting or maybe starting a separate knitting bujo all together. I'm thinking a separate one may make more sense so that I can keep it with my knitting and not worry about potentially misplacing any vital info that I may have in my everyday bujo. What about you? Do you bujo? Do you use it for your knitting? I have been searching for spreads to track knitting but haven't found as many as I had hoped.

Well, that's all for me today. My eyes are not willing to stay open much longer. Thanks for stopping by the Little House...Happy Knitting!