Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Where To Begin...Again

Beginnings are hard...there, I said it. If you have ever visited this page before you may know that this used to be the home of the Little House Knitts podcast. It may still be the home for the podcast again but I have decided to ease my way back into the game. If this is your first visit to the blog...welcome! Grab your knitting and make yourself comfortable. I had originally planned on just dismantling the whole page and being done with the blog and the podcast altogether; but I just couldn't do it. I just freaking love knitting. I love setting up a camera and talking to other people about knitting. I love watching other people who do the same thing! But I haven't done much of that in a while. a couple of years actually; and I have missed it...A LOT! I have missed all the wonderful people I had met while doing the podcast. I hope to see you all again. The short version is that depression sucks. That is oversimplifying things quite a bit but it gets to the heart of things. I am knitting again, I am knitting with a purpose again, I am starting to get a passion for things again and it is wonderful and scary at the same time. Oh, and I turned 40! Who let that happen?? So onto happier and knittier things...Its NaKniSwiMo!! I have decided to scare the crap out of myself and knit a **gasp** garment, and I couldn't be more scared. It's not even the knitting that scares me, it's the seaming. I have never been one who sews well. I hope I can change that for this project! I will be knitting the Dapper Moss Vest by Shirly MacNulty from the spring 2013 issue of Love Of Knitting. My husband has said he would like a nice vest for work. I will be knitting it out of Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in the Jack Rabbit Heather colorway. I don't have pictures yet, this is a new computer to me and I still trying to figure all this tech stuff out. UGH! So that is a brief update on me. I would love to hear how you have been and what is going on with you. Stop by the Ravelry group and say hello or just leave a comment below. Also, if you would be interested in seeing episodes of the podcast again, please let me know. I look forward to talking to you again soon!! Happy Knitting and thanks for stopping by the little house!!

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